Saturday, June 10, 2017

Stepping stones (day 83)

I think today is a great day to talk about stepping stones.
I have faced many obstacles on my journey so far, but as of late I have become so determined to find ways to make it work.

So I am turning my obstacles into stepping stones.
I wanted to become more confident and that is why I did: 100 days with Rainbow.
It made me focus on this positive aspect of myself daily. It is incredibly powerful!

From the learning I have done, and the challenges that arise, I just think of more ways to get where I want to go and bring them into practice. This way I can be sure that I will keep practicing in making myself more experienced. It will just help me get to the root of something.

Think of it like being on an island with only a toolbox with you. Based on earlier expience and attitudes you will need to have a look to what's already in your toolbox and how to create more tools to build a life for yourself. There may be other citizens on your island rather than just yourself. People who can either block you or support you from building on.
With that being said, avoid Nay-sayers. You need encouragement. I feel like I could do a whole blog about this one alone. 'The nay-sayers', but that's for another time.

How do you change your obstacles into stepping stones?
Have you found ways that work for you?

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