Saturday, June 10, 2017

Notes of happiness!

This is the note I found on my table when I came home on Thursday.
My fiance had left to go to a BBQ party from his volunteerswork, and left this for me. He had spend so much effort on it! <3
I was so amazed. He has never stopped suprising me in the 4 years that we are now together.
Even better yet, he inspired me to start paying more attention to the daily notes of happiness I receive.
Just that morning one of the 3 year old kids suddenly turned to me and said: You are the sweetest!
The kid had just met me an hour earlier.
It is these little 'notes' that we should keep in our hearts and be reminded of often. Even on the worst of days there is usually something positive.
So hereby, I introduce something new called: notes of happiness.
I will write them down in a little notebook and share them with you every last day of the month.

Many blessings, and make sure to count yours!

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