Monday, June 5, 2017

Distraction (day 77)

As I was getting ready to follow through with my plan of yesterday,
I got a message from my friend.
One that hasn't been doing too well to put it way lightly.
This friend asked to see me.
So, I went to see him. What should have been a little walk, ended up dragging far and late into the night.
Leaving me feel empty and tired.
Don't get me wrong I love this friend dearly, but I allowed this to distract me from what I should have been doing yesterday which was to do an hour of working out and study to catch up for my upcoming exams.

One thing that seems to be very common when you try to push through change is that you are easily distracted from where you need to be headed.
I am not saying all of you find this difficult, but I am pretty sure that this may sound familiar to some of you at least. 

There's always 'something else' or 'a better excuse' not to work on what is important.
When I asked a friend for a coffee a week ago, she was so fantastic when she told me:
I would love to see you, because I really miss you. But I am working on my thesis right now and it's the final thing that I need to do. I really don't have time in my schedule right now, so let's do it another time soon

And just now I had a lightbulb moment. I was standing on the balcony feeling furious. At first I thought I was upset with my friend, but nope. I was upset with myself.
I allowed the feeling to sit a little bit and started to feel empowered when I thought about what my other friend had said to me the week before.

I now realize I have to work out a repertoire of answers that I can give when I simply cannot afford to lose any time on what is important.

In the case of my friend I should have been assertive enough to leave it at that one hour walk. I should have told my friend. "I am glad that I could be there for you and do this walk with you. I want you to know it's important to me to be there for you. However I do have other plans right now. So please keep me updated on what is going on in your life"

If I would have told my friend this, I am sure they would understand. And I would still have enough time to do all the things I needed to do.
So, guess what? It's time to start practicing on choosing my priority.
It's time for a game plan. I will see if I can develop an anti-distraction format to share with you.

Many blessings!

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