Sunday, June 4, 2017

Consistency - Day 76

 The goals:

1. Getting to a weight of 69 kg by the end of these 100 days

2. Achieving a daily structure that involves: relaxation, work, study, and exercise

* Last time's to do list:

Fill out Fitnesspal app for meals
Schedule, Plan of preparation + 'possible things that could go wrong and solutions to them'
Have a salad before eating rest of diner
Daily affirmations
Have a glass of water before I eat

Let's take some time to take about being consistent here.
I've been in a big rollercoaster ride the past few months.
Some days were awesome, other days were simply unsettling.
There's one pattern that I start to see here in my change. Everytime things go well, I zone out and don't blog about it anymore. This is so strange right?
I give up my being consistent and that sabotages my change making.
Hey, I did promise you an uncensored version of this journey.
That is what I am offering.  This 100 day experiment is turning out to be a big learning curve for me.
I have been observing myself and what I do and when.
Appearantly that consistency is a big thing for me as well.
I also made a promise to myself when I started my project. One that I haven't informed you about yet.
I am going to do that now.
The goals that I put down are what I strive for. They are going to improve my health, balance, and give me more energy.
Let's face it that change can be a very challenging proces. So, I promised myself that I would observe myself closely in the proces of change without being to damn hard on myself. What do I mean by that? When I notice that things aren't going well, I tend to be too hard on myself and that just leads me to frustration. And the frustration eventually results in me just giving up and calling it a day.
But that is NOT what I am here for.
I am here to push this change through and it is important that appearantly I make time on a daily basis to think about it and adjust where I need to.
It is time, yes ladies and gents, to be more consistent.

*New to do list:
Blog daily!
Stick to last plan, just roll from there you know.

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