Monday, June 5, 2017

Caprese salad

Now that the sun has fully shown it's face, I love my salads!
So here is a very simple one that I often make.

Caprese salad.

The basic of caprese is simple:

Basil leaves

I added a little bit more greens to the mix. I added the lettuce that you see in the back.
I also added delicious balsamic creme. Creme is slightly thicker than just your regular balsamic. And mine has a slight strawberry flavor. It's heaven!

So, this one is soooo easy.
Just was your lettuce.
Slice up your tomato and mozzerella, add a few basil leaves to the mix and some oregano flavored olive oil and balsamic for dressing. I even added just a little salt and pepper.
This goes great with a few slices of ciabatta bread.
Here's a light diner, or a beautiful side dish.


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