Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A good start to the day (day 86)


If you, like me are on the road of the change you have probably faced a few fears and obstacles.
The last time we talked about stepping stones. Taking your challenges and turning them into powerful solutions.

Today I would like to give some attention to a good start of the day.
I feel that whilst a lot of the succes of our change depends on our preparation and actual actions, it starts with what we think about our likeliness to succeed.
I think that a good beginning to your day can really help kick-start a good mindset.

So here are my golden tips.

1. Meditate
Now don't be scared. It's not that scary. Meditation is helping your focus!

And when you make a change, you need that focus, trust me.
I listen to a 3 minute morning uplift by the wonderful Honestguys.
You can also read my meditation for beginners

 2. Affirmate

I am...
'wonderful, strong, worth this'
Remember how my 100 days with Rainbow made me feel so much more confident?
Now it's your turn. Write down one strong affirmation on a piece of paper and bring it with you the entire day. Look at it once in a while and repeat these words to yourself!

3. Gratitude 

Gratitude is a high vibrational energy. The power of gratitude is huge.
So allow yourself to think of only 3 things in the morning that make you feel grateful.
And don't go over them too quickly. After each one, really tap into that feeling of gratitude in your heart. For example think of a friend that was loving to you in a rough time. Remember how that made you feel?

4. Notes of happiness

Throughout your day, notice your own 'notes of happiness'
There is something beautiful in every day! Train yourself to see all these good things.

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