Friday, June 16, 2017

Shifting your mind (day 89)

First of all,
These were my goals to reach in just 100 days:

1. Getting to a weight of 69 kg by the end of these 100 days

2. Achieving a daily structure that involves: relaxation, work, study, and exercise

And I have to be honest that even when I haven't fully reached that first goal yet, I have learned so much from going on this blogging journey.
But we aren't there yet. Still 11 days to go.
I have been planning my weeks since the start of this project. I made a schedule with all the important things to do, appoinments, and actions to take.
I have started to get used to making these schedules for myself and they give me a good aim for my weekly goals.
I also worked with a weekly to do list for my goals as well as those schedules.
I have come a little bit further on my journey. I have changed my job which gives me so much peace of mind. I've become very good at improvising solutions to problems very quickly thanks to overthinking solutions to different scenarios before hand. Somehow it has made me better, more innovative and quicker to improvise.
So there is a huge mindshift happening within me. While my first 100 day experiment helped me to become more confident, this journey of 100 days that I did a lot more loosely has helped shifting my mind in other ways. The best thing is that I have regained new passion for cooking healthier foods and making it more fun for myself. Losing weight should not be a punishment!  Since a few weeks I found my mind asking for the healthy stuff, even on my busiest of days. I had lots of fruits and veggies as 'snacks' in between meals. I ate salads, soups, and made fun dishes with lowfat meat or fish and nice combinations of veggies.
I didn't take away everything I loved, I just decided to stick to some simple rules. I made Jamie Oliver's broccoli salad this week because I wanted to challenge myself to find a dish in which I could like broccoli. I know it sounds insane though. I'm discovering so much and I'm having fun with it.
I cannot really explain right now how this mindshift happened, but I will have a good reflection on it soon. I hope you enjoy and learn from my journey as well.

Much love,

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A good start to the day (day 86)


If you, like me are on the road of the change you have probably faced a few fears and obstacles.
The last time we talked about stepping stones. Taking your challenges and turning them into powerful solutions.

Today I would like to give some attention to a good start of the day.
I feel that whilst a lot of the succes of our change depends on our preparation and actual actions, it starts with what we think about our likeliness to succeed.
I think that a good beginning to your day can really help kick-start a good mindset.

So here are my golden tips.

1. Meditate
Now don't be scared. It's not that scary. Meditation is helping your focus!

And when you make a change, you need that focus, trust me.
I listen to a 3 minute morning uplift by the wonderful Honestguys.
You can also read my meditation for beginners

 2. Affirmate

I am...
'wonderful, strong, worth this'
Remember how my 100 days with Rainbow made me feel so much more confident?
Now it's your turn. Write down one strong affirmation on a piece of paper and bring it with you the entire day. Look at it once in a while and repeat these words to yourself!

3. Gratitude 

Gratitude is a high vibrational energy. The power of gratitude is huge.
So allow yourself to think of only 3 things in the morning that make you feel grateful.
And don't go over them too quickly. After each one, really tap into that feeling of gratitude in your heart. For example think of a friend that was loving to you in a rough time. Remember how that made you feel?

4. Notes of happiness

Throughout your day, notice your own 'notes of happiness'
There is something beautiful in every day! Train yourself to see all these good things.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Italian tomato soup

I love a simple but good tomato soup.
And there is really nothing to it, I promise!

Here is what you will need.

2 cloves of garlic
1 carrot
1 medium sized or big onion
A tablespoon of olive oil
1,5 veggie stock
2 cans of peeled tomato's
3/4 fresh tomato's
Basil, dried and fresh
Dragon, dried
Optional: A little bit of cooking cream light

Finely slice your garlic
Chop up your carrot rougly. I suggest moon shapes for cutting. You cut your carrot though the middle and you will have half rounds
Finely cut your onion.
Roughly chop your tomato's in cubes.
Sweat your veggies with your olive oil in the pot.
Don't forget to stir and make sure the heat is not too high as it will stick to pot quickly.
When you see them turn a bit glazy, add the two cans of peeled tomato's. I suggest using a good quality tomato's because it does make a difference in taste. I used medium priced organic tomato's in a can.
Add your veggie stock now as well as the fresh tomato cubes. Again, it is important to choose nice tomato's that aren't just a bomb of water. You know your supermarket better than I do, just make sure they are rich in taste.
At this point you may also season your soup with a handful of fresh basil. You can tear it up slightly. The handmixer should do the rest of the work. For the other herbs I suggest about a tablespoon of dried basil and a tablespoon of dragon.
Go easy on the salt! Your veggie stock should already add enough of a salty taste to the mix.
A teaspoon of black pepper is good to give your soup a little kick. 

Once your soup has cooked a few minutes, take the handmixer and get the soup to the texture you want it.
Make sure to give it a little taste and see how you like it.

Serve it, with just a little bit of cooking cream and a few baby basil leaves on top.
Ah, delicious!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Notes of happiness!

This is the note I found on my table when I came home on Thursday.
My fiance had left to go to a BBQ party from his volunteerswork, and left this for me. He had spend so much effort on it! <3
I was so amazed. He has never stopped suprising me in the 4 years that we are now together.
Even better yet, he inspired me to start paying more attention to the daily notes of happiness I receive.
Just that morning one of the 3 year old kids suddenly turned to me and said: You are the sweetest!
The kid had just met me an hour earlier.
It is these little 'notes' that we should keep in our hearts and be reminded of often. Even on the worst of days there is usually something positive.
So hereby, I introduce something new called: notes of happiness.
I will write them down in a little notebook and share them with you every last day of the month.

Many blessings, and make sure to count yours!

Stepping stones (day 83)

I think today is a great day to talk about stepping stones.
I have faced many obstacles on my journey so far, but as of late I have become so determined to find ways to make it work.

So I am turning my obstacles into stepping stones.
I wanted to become more confident and that is why I did: 100 days with Rainbow.
It made me focus on this positive aspect of myself daily. It is incredibly powerful!

From the learning I have done, and the challenges that arise, I just think of more ways to get where I want to go and bring them into practice. This way I can be sure that I will keep practicing in making myself more experienced. It will just help me get to the root of something.

Think of it like being on an island with only a toolbox with you. Based on earlier expience and attitudes you will need to have a look to what's already in your toolbox and how to create more tools to build a life for yourself. There may be other citizens on your island rather than just yourself. People who can either block you or support you from building on.
With that being said, avoid Nay-sayers. You need encouragement. I feel like I could do a whole blog about this one alone. 'The nay-sayers', but that's for another time.

How do you change your obstacles into stepping stones?
Have you found ways that work for you?

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The journey should be delicious (day 79)

I am on a mission to find and create more healthy recipes to try out.
Because since I am on another mission to improve my health and reach a certain weight goal.
Now I am not one who can go on a crash diet. I just refuse to do that to my body. I do not do radical.
My rules are simple. You've read them before.
It obtains balance not perfection. I'm a normal human being that should be able to attend a party once in a while. Or just to have a delicious burger or pizza.
Losing weight should be delicious. Yes, you heard me! It should not be a punishment of not being able to not eat your favourite foods anymore. This means I will also look for alternative versions of my favourite foods.
And i'd like to share these recipes with you as well.
I know I am not the only one that is trying to improve health. So, I do hope to give you some food inspiration!
Good and healthy food after all is such an important part of it.
I have been sharing photo's to my salads, and lucky for me: I absolutely LOVE salads.
They are a great way to get in your veggies and you can expect more recipes for them real soon.

I would also love to hear from you right here.
What are your favourite recipes? Foods that you can certainly not do without when going on a healthy journey?
I'd like to see whether I can recreate some of your favourites in a lighter and healthier way.
Let's make this journey interactive and fun as well.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Caprese salad

Now that the sun has fully shown it's face, I love my salads!
So here is a very simple one that I often make.

Caprese salad.

The basic of caprese is simple:

Basil leaves

I added a little bit more greens to the mix. I added the lettuce that you see in the back.
I also added delicious balsamic creme. Creme is slightly thicker than just your regular balsamic. And mine has a slight strawberry flavor. It's heaven!

So, this one is soooo easy.
Just was your lettuce.
Slice up your tomato and mozzerella, add a few basil leaves to the mix and some oregano flavored olive oil and balsamic for dressing. I even added just a little salt and pepper.
This goes great with a few slices of ciabatta bread.
Here's a light diner, or a beautiful side dish.


Distraction (day 77)

As I was getting ready to follow through with my plan of yesterday,
I got a message from my friend.
One that hasn't been doing too well to put it way lightly.
This friend asked to see me.
So, I went to see him. What should have been a little walk, ended up dragging far and late into the night.
Leaving me feel empty and tired.
Don't get me wrong I love this friend dearly, but I allowed this to distract me from what I should have been doing yesterday which was to do an hour of working out and study to catch up for my upcoming exams.

One thing that seems to be very common when you try to push through change is that you are easily distracted from where you need to be headed.
I am not saying all of you find this difficult, but I am pretty sure that this may sound familiar to some of you at least. 

There's always 'something else' or 'a better excuse' not to work on what is important.
When I asked a friend for a coffee a week ago, she was so fantastic when she told me:
I would love to see you, because I really miss you. But I am working on my thesis right now and it's the final thing that I need to do. I really don't have time in my schedule right now, so let's do it another time soon

And just now I had a lightbulb moment. I was standing on the balcony feeling furious. At first I thought I was upset with my friend, but nope. I was upset with myself.
I allowed the feeling to sit a little bit and started to feel empowered when I thought about what my other friend had said to me the week before.

I now realize I have to work out a repertoire of answers that I can give when I simply cannot afford to lose any time on what is important.

In the case of my friend I should have been assertive enough to leave it at that one hour walk. I should have told my friend. "I am glad that I could be there for you and do this walk with you. I want you to know it's important to me to be there for you. However I do have other plans right now. So please keep me updated on what is going on in your life"

If I would have told my friend this, I am sure they would understand. And I would still have enough time to do all the things I needed to do.
So, guess what? It's time to start practicing on choosing my priority.
It's time for a game plan. I will see if I can develop an anti-distraction format to share with you.

Many blessings!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Consistency - Day 76

 The goals:

1. Getting to a weight of 69 kg by the end of these 100 days

2. Achieving a daily structure that involves: relaxation, work, study, and exercise

* Last time's to do list:

Fill out Fitnesspal app for meals
Schedule, Plan of preparation + 'possible things that could go wrong and solutions to them'
Have a salad before eating rest of diner
Daily affirmations
Have a glass of water before I eat

Let's take some time to take about being consistent here.
I've been in a big rollercoaster ride the past few months.
Some days were awesome, other days were simply unsettling.
There's one pattern that I start to see here in my change. Everytime things go well, I zone out and don't blog about it anymore. This is so strange right?
I give up my being consistent and that sabotages my change making.
Hey, I did promise you an uncensored version of this journey.
That is what I am offering.  This 100 day experiment is turning out to be a big learning curve for me.
I have been observing myself and what I do and when.
Appearantly that consistency is a big thing for me as well.
I also made a promise to myself when I started my project. One that I haven't informed you about yet.
I am going to do that now.
The goals that I put down are what I strive for. They are going to improve my health, balance, and give me more energy.
Let's face it that change can be a very challenging proces. So, I promised myself that I would observe myself closely in the proces of change without being to damn hard on myself. What do I mean by that? When I notice that things aren't going well, I tend to be too hard on myself and that just leads me to frustration. And the frustration eventually results in me just giving up and calling it a day.
But that is NOT what I am here for.
I am here to push this change through and it is important that appearantly I make time on a daily basis to think about it and adjust where I need to.
It is time, yes ladies and gents, to be more consistent.

*New to do list:
Blog daily!
Stick to last plan, just roll from there you know.