Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What it's like to be gifted

I've decided to bring up the courage to share other experiences I have as well as 'regular' life experiences. You will find them under the labels: Rainbow's angels (which will relate more to messages I received from angels etc)
And here you will find more about what it's like to be lightworking and be a medium.

I discovered my gift young. I always felt that when I was a kid I wasn't alone and was being watched over. Another remarkable thing was that I was able to feel the pain or sickness of other kids. It often led me to be sick sitting in the room with someone else that was sick. A result was that I was sick a lot in school and upon coming home I would feel better. It would take me a long time to understand that I was feeling someone else and that it wasn't me.

I think the most difficult thing of working with my gifts in the past has been that people stop seeing you as an actual person with loves, struggles, needs and lessons.
You become 'the messenger' the 'one that can do predictions' (ugh, how I despise the word predictions'

In a nutshell I will give you my gifts:


When I look at people or pictures, I am able to see things about them if I focus on that energy hard enough. You could kind of compare this with seeing a movie in your mind.
Like you are visualizing and bringing up memories.

If I focus I can see colors or energy around people too. Sometimes I see future events, sometimes past ones. It isn't something I control really. 
I do not believe everything is set in stone. That is why I have such a hard time with the word predictions.
For example if you had the potential to become a ballerina, but you never took lessons or put effort into becoming one, you will never be one.
We have a free will. Events can change according to decisions you make in your life. We have more than one destination on our life's map.


I am fortunate enough to be tuned into messages from a source.
Who are these messengers? Guides, passed loved ones or angels.
I do get to pass them on to others. I know they are messages from 'above' as I tell them to people in words I never use. They are always positive messages that hold wisdom, comfort and love.


As I described, I can feel others too. I can feel when people are sad, when they are happy. I feel headaches and other pains. I am very sensitive to energy from the past in places that have known great dismay. After visiting concentration camp Sachenshausen near Berlin I swear to never visit another one again. I was feeling sick for a whole week after.
Funurals are the worst for me as well. All these grieving people in one room is really dificult for me to shield from.


I appear to just know things. Like I know it and I know it in my gut to be true.
This one is hard to explain. I've been in that situation when I was reading a book and came upon stuff I already knew before reading it. This ranges from common knowledge till things I already knew about someone I am just meeting.
I also 'know' a person's intentions as I meet them and can tell when I am being lied to.


I do have the ability to see, hear or feel people that have passed away. I am nothing like 'long island medium', by the way. It feels much like being on a constant telephone line between the living and the spirits. I had to learn how to send them away when they come to me at times I cannot help them.
I do pass on messages, but again do not control when they come to me or who comes to me. Spirits just step up or they don't.
One time when sitting in a cafe the spirit of an older lady appeared behind the man next to me. I asked him if it was ok to pass on his gran's message. She needed him to know that she appreciated the effort of him trying to come to her death bed as she was passing away. He didn't make it in time, and was still worried about it. He needed to get this message.
It is a beautiful gift, but it can be deeply unnerving at times.
On ocassion I have connected to celebs. It's more because they wanted to tell me their side of the story of their passing away. Why and how. What reads in the media obviously isn't always 'true', so I just offer an ear before sending them on. 

I hope this post was educational to you. I just wanted to share what it's like to be gifted.
I believe that everyone has open channels by the way. It is just a matter of practice and tuning in to find yours.


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