Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Momma wolf says goodbye to her pack

So there it is.

The end of a nine year working period.
I had pondered the decision in my mind to quit. For months.
To give up my permanent contract that felt much like a jail that I was stuck in.
I was tired of being singled out even though I am not one to go with the crowd.
I was exhausted with all the negativity coming right at me for years and years.
It had put a scar on my energy. All my enthusiasm, bubbly and creativity stuck in a box with a big fat lock on it. I had heard people tell me that my fresh energy was not there anymore. I was constantly resentful and tired.
And trust me, it really wasn’t the kids that made me feel that way.
The kids always met me with a great deal of love. And that is what made that I stayed for as long as I did. The love their energy send into my soul is what kept me from going. I also knew that it would break some hearts because I was momma wolf and they were my pups.

But here we are.

Yesterday was my final day.
I had put hours of energy in making sure that each kid would get a special giftie from me.