Monday, March 20, 2017

The little changes

Let's say you wanted to reach the top of this mountain.
How would you go about it?
Oh, you only have one tool. Yourself.
Before you cheat and say you'd take a helicopter.
There is only one way, step by step.
You can still decide on how fast you are taking the steps. If you decided to run for the first part, what do you reckon is going to happen a little further up? You will probably be exhausted.
Second option is pausing every 30 seconds because you allow yourself to think that your stamina is the problem.
Real problem? Most likely fear of succes. You will probably stagnate somewhere around the middle.
So, what is the balance here? Now, that is the question.

I am trying to paint the picture of what it is like to reach your goals.
Because when you've been living your life a certain way for a long time and you wake up to think it is time for a change, it probably is.
And this feeling can be so overwhelming that it will ultimately lead you to do nothing. 

If you are trying to change too much at the same time, your ego is going to step in.
Your ego has this beautiful thing it does where it is trying to protect you from getting into danger. Which is truly handy in an actual life threathening situation.
It sees change as potential danger because it doesn't understand what it is happening. It pushes you right back in your comfortzone with the: 'Nah, can't do's' And the harder you push the big change, the louder your ego will become. It can trick us into thinking it's who we are. But the ego is just feeding us thoughts. And thoughts are not who we are.
So let's seperate the ego from who we are by giving a name. I will call him Mr Afraid-a-lot.
When Mr-afraid-a-lot speaks it goes something like this.

"Sure you will get up every morning and meditate. Uh-huh. But just let's remember how nice and cosy your bed is at 7 am in the morning"

"You probably should not start that work out program because of the problems you have with your heel. It really hurt badly last time, remember?"

"Giving up pizza? OH PLEASE! hahahahaha. No seriously, wait until I'm done laughing before I will give you some snerky comment here" 

Mr Afraid a lot either tells you you are better off staying where you are, makes you feel like crap, or is extremely condescending.

Therefor we need to be smart and trick him. Because when we make little changes, he doesn't act up as much.
The key to succes here is making sure that you pick one little thing that you repeat over a period of time.
My tip is for every goal that you want to reach try to divide your goal into 10 little action steps.
You gradually reach your goal, and are far more likely to make a real change. Not just a temporary one. You need to realize that most habits have taken years to kind of rust in.
Do you really expect them to change in one day?

What is that first little change that you can make in order to get where you want to be?

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