Sunday, February 19, 2017

Day 82 - I am intelligent

Yes, I consider myself intelligent. I am a bright cookie.
I wouldn’t say I’m above average intelligent, but I know I am. It is kind of hard to explain this though.
But one example, I taught myself English because school wasn’t offering challenge when I was a kid. I am good at languages.
I also use this intelligence to reach my goals.
So here goes.
I am making a plan for my new project.
It’s a project focused on redesigning my life and creating new habits.
And trust me, it’s huge.
I am going to make this fun for me, and creative. I know that it will be a big challenge, but I believe I got this. I did years of research on what works in achieving something like that and what doesn’t. I have a good balance going on between researching, thinking and doing.
I have made a to do list on what to prepare, because when you have a goal, you should divide it into actions to take. The first action is to make a plan.
The next one is to create the time. And the step after that is to get all the tools together that I need.
It’s a project that will help me improve my health. That’s all I will say for now.
I need something for body, something for my mind and I need a peergroup to support me. I have only trusted one person so far to keep this idea ‘safe’
She will  be able to help and support me.
I have also reflected on what else I need to keep me going. And it’s fairly simple. I need to keep writing or doing videos.
I have wanted to get a camera for myself, so I can show you more of my proces. Who knows by the time I start this project, I will.

Day 81 - I am dreamy/dreamer

Welcome 2017!!
I have always been a dreamer. As a kid I often heard grown ups tell me to stop dreaming and come back down to earth.
But here is the thing though. I love dreaming. And there is nothing wrong with it too.
Sure, we have times where we just need to be present. And in those times I will bet here. But the good thing about daydreaming is, is that your mind and body get time to recharge. I remember my music teacher in school telling about a research. They forced one group of students to be fully concentrated on the classes in school for a day the whole time.
The other group got to be distracted sometimes. They had space to hit the pause button and allow their minds to run free.
After this day they had to take a test on the classes they had. It turned out that the group that was forced to concentrate all day didn’t do as good on their tests as the group who got to ‘daydream’
It’s about finding balance.
Another way in which I use daydreaming is to imagine the things I want to happen, so that I can get in touch with how it feels like to have them. It’s a practice that is often used by people who know how to work ‘the law of attraction’
The law of attraction goes by the rule: what you put energy into grows.
Or like attracts like.
If your mind is a constant negative set, you will attract more bad experiences.
But if you focus on the positive things, you will attract positive experiences.
So, let’s look at an example. Let’s say you had to your drivers test. You are nervous and not sure if you are ready for this. Not the healthy nervous, but pure anxiety. It is likely that you will fail your test just following the trail of thoughts that are planted in your mind. Such as: I can’t do this yet.
Then when you fail, the fear could get bigger. And you’d fail again, and again.
Now when you imagine that you are behind the wheel driving confidently and you keep repeating to yourself: I got this!
You are far more likely to actually succeed. Now this is an experience we are talking about.
But it’s also possible to attract people, or material things into your life.
And since I learned more about the law of attraction, I got good at attracting what I want.
Right now my ‘daydreams’ are focused on a flowing and loving communication with the people around me. We are in the middle of the mercury retrograde, so things could shake up a bit. But just for a few weeks.
I am using this abundance meditation by the honest guys to practice getting into the feeling of loving communication. Just by seeing what it would look like.  I am trusting that it is possible, and I am living it as if it’s already present in my life. When you do this, something inside of you shifts. Your focus will go into the positive.
Another way I use daydreaming is to allow my mind to let free. And this huge flow of creativity comes to me. I get great ideas, and I feel recharged.
I love being a dreamer. I am sure I will hear more often to stop dreaming, but trust me guys. I never will!
Because I know all the ups to dreaming. And as a matter of fact, I hereby invite the rationals the dream a bit more often.

Day 80 - I am reflective (new years and reflection 2016)

The last day of 16.
I have talked a little bit about it already.
But here is what I learned out of this year:
You need to talk about what is going on inside of you with who matters.  Assumptions do not help in relationships. Neither does avoiding the conversation you need to have.

Stop showing people a version of you that they wish to see. You aren’t perfect. And neither are they. Show them the real you.

Mindfulness helps in being able to stay in the present moment. It also enhances self compassion.

Stay true to who you are and make that connection even stronger. You do this by spending time with yourself.

Reflect on what you have in your life, and leave behind what doesn’t serve you any longer.

Discipline is found in a commitment. You make a contract with yourself to devote to something, then follow through with it.

Miracles happen, even when you do not expect them.

Stop putting expectations on others. Happiness needs to come from within, not from the external circumstances or people in your life.

Goal setting is more effective than new years resolutions. I reached at least two of my goals that I had set year. One with even better outcome than I could have imagined.

Connection is enhanced when you start to understand more about others.

You will never be able to control other people’s thoughts or actions. It is upto them. It is upto you what you decide to do or think.