Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Day 11 - I am innovative

Yesterday may not have been the best day. For some reason my quality ambitious drove me right into anxiety and I was thinking: Yuck, I am ambitious, super ambitious!
I have so many wishes, and I ended up feeling like I wanna reach them all right now. As impossible that is,  it is what I felt. Then I felt that I should take smaller steps towards my ambitions and probably I would feel more fulfilled because I know I am working on them.
So today upon waking up I threw my fruit, yoghurt and muesli in the blender and had a smoothie for breakfast. Now if you know my relationship to breakfast, you’d be proud of me. Somehow I always seem to struggle there. I thought: Ok, so I will just do that every morning as long as it takes to make my breakfast a habit. Then I will sit down and study for 70 minutes. 35 minutes.. a break and 35 minutes more.
Then next week I will move on to having a decent plan for lunch, which is a little less difficult for me, but still a decent challenge. And I will stretch the time to twice 40 minutes, and so on. Anyway, enough about my ambitions to be a better eater and a disciplined study girl. I have come up with a plan. I have set my heart on a particular job. A job that is exciting and thinking about it makes me happy. Nobody is hiring there, but they are open to applications. I want to work for a travel agency. I love culture, travel, and languages. This is a special travel agency though. It books suprise destinations.
So, I thought for their travelers I would host an event. An event with a workshop in making pizza, tasting beers, travel stories photos and documentation, travel partner speeddating, a bbq, and music. I will invite the travellers who booked a trip with them to come together this day and celebrate the unknown adventure they had. I will also invite the travel agency through their own protocol. I will send them a code. If they give me a call, I will give them a location where they will be picked up and brought back to. It sounds like the perfect plan to get the job! My event will also have a promotional purpose for them. So if they are smart, they will bring enough materials to get people to book a trip right there and then.
Why stick to an online plan if you can have a party with co travelers, meet new people and find new travelmates in real live. And all of this with good foods, drinks, music, games, and stories to share?
My friends, I think this is going to be a succes!
And let’s hope that when the end of January comes, I will land that job.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Day 10 - I am ambitious

Some people simply have may have a few ambitions, but I have tons.
And the key is to pick a focus. It’s amazing how long I can procrastinate my ambitions just by overthinking which one to pick first.
But I know intuitively which one that is. It’s to finish my study.
and they also say, once you picked you have to remember why that one is so important to you.

Here is my why for my study
I want to empower parents in raising their kids
I want to empower kids in their lives to develop towards self reliant individuals
I want to use my talents and skills and knowledge about upbringing of children

And as I’m writing these down, I can hear my mind chattering away on me. Now that is interesting and says a lot about the way I self-sabotage as well!
I just heard: Well, you don’t have children. So, who are you to tell parents what to do?
Well, I am Rose and I’m very engaged in my job with kids. Enough so, that  I want to just do more than I am doing now.
Now that I have my priority goal set, I will need a smaller goal to help me achieve the graduation of my study and here’s what I’ll do.
I will study 2 hours every single day. I will do this in the morning from 10 – 12.
Trigger goal:
I will set an alarm clock for 5 minutes in advance and prepare my study space by getting the books that I need on the table to do it.