Friday, December 23, 2016

Day 32 - I am appreciative (grateful)

I am so grateful for my boyfriend! There’s many things in my life that I am grateful for, but today it is my boyfriend.
The last few months especially he’s done everything for me that a husband would do.
Today he got me some very necessary new clothes. I am not much of a girl that likes to go out into town and shop. I avoid it if I can. So, I kind of see it like a chore.
We made it a nice day in town together, finishing up with a pizza and a pint of cider and some nice time with our Syrian refugee friend.
This was a day to truly enjoy life.
I have been counting my blessings and there’s so many of them.
Gratitude is my attitude, DUDE! 

Day 31 - I am reliable

Yes, nothing you can say about me being reliable.
Today was about my reliability, just sadly enough the people I was dealing with weren’t reliable.
I had been offered a job for htis weekend. Interviewing people in the street what they thought about our beautiful old town of Nijmegen. It’s not where I live, but it’s one of the oldest cities in Holland.
I was looking forward to doing that. Sadly the information from the job agency did not come through. At first I felt stressed, and asked myself: ok what can I possibly do now?
So, I called my friend who lives near the station and asked if she had possibly seen or knew of these people in the hope she may be able to help.
She didn’t. So, I decided to go into that town and find them myself. Or do my best attempt at it.
I spend a few hours strolling town and unfortunately I did not find them.
But I did my part though. Even with the lack of information, I tried my best.
I am reliable when it comes to making an appointment.
So, as long as  I was there I decided to stop by my friend’s place to have a tea.
That way the day ended up being good anyway!

Day 30 - I am intuitive

The intuition is something wonderful that everybody has. You just need to connect to it.
And how would you do that? You may ask. By working with it.
You know that gut feeling when you just know something?
That person who you just met and who seems perfectly ok, and still there’s this nagging feeling that something is just terribly off.
Well, that is our intuition giving us a message.
Today I had this as I talked to a young lady who had recently found herself a girlfriend. The thing is that this girlfriend came with a flaky story about why her phone died.
And everything yelled in me: something is off!
As the girl kept talking, the feeling grew stronger that her partner was not very truthful to her.
I can’t explain it, but I knew this girlfriend had told lies to cover up the truth about what was really going on.
So I asked her: Does her story feel true to you?
And she answered with that she really wanted it to be true, but she had a hard time shaking off the anxiety.
We had a conversation about intuition and how to trust it.
I believe that something in your body happens when we are being lied to.
We can tell by paying attention to that feeling. For example you may be feeling a knot in your stomach, or a slight sense of discomfort that belongs with the other person.
As I made this connection with my intuition, I realized that I have to follow it more myself.
It’s that a wonderful GPS , as Marie Furleo calls it.
I am amazingly intuitive. As we all are.